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About Us

Nordic 101 Service is aiming at providing professional services and natural healthy hair products in hair health field. According to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory, Nordic 101 Service use 100% natural essence from officinal plants and provide expert treatment for the customers with hair problem. The treatment has received
significant good result without any side effect.

Nordic 101 Service is the sub company of Beijing Zhangguang 101 Science & Technology Development Co .,Ltd in Scandinavia, and started its service from winter of 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden. Now Nordic 101 Service has owned three service stores in Sweden and is providing series of products and professional services for customers. After great professional treatment for hair loss
and hair regrowing customers , the 101 products reach ideal effect and make customers satisfy.

Nordic 101 service is opening more stores in Sweden after the short marketing development and is going to provide best service for customers in more cities of Scandinavia.

The mother company of Nordic 101 Service was founded in 1987.Today Zhangguang 101 is a group with pluralism of development, taking the hair growth and skincare products invented by the famous alopecia treatment expert Mr. Zhao Zhangguang as its dominant products, and
taking medical and cosmetics industry as its leading trade. It is an export-oriented economic entity with an asset of more than one billion yuan, over 6,000 employees, and more than 2,000 professional chain consulting service centers in the field of hair regrowth, hair nourishing, and hair shedding proof. At present, the products of 101 have been sold
all over five continents, across more than 60 countries, relieving the agonies for thousands of hair losers successfully, becoming internationally accredited experts in hair health.

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